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Our team of highly-skilled professionals prepare your files for printing using the most cost effective option available. From our prepress department the job is sent to the appropriate press.

Web offset is a form of offset printing in which a continuous roll of paper is fed through the printing press. Pages are separated and cut to size after they have been printed. Web offset printing is used for high-volume publications such as magazines, newspapers, catalogs and brochures. All three of our web offset presses have the capability to print in 16 or 32 page signatures and on three widths – full web, ¾ web and ½ web. In addition, all three presses have the capability for ½ and ¼ folds.

Our experienced staff utilizes a variety of bindery and finishing equipment to complete the job to your exact specifications; and by taking advantage of our state-of-the-art mailing technology we can finish your mailing job and get it right out the door for delivery.

  • Computer to plate (CTP)
    • Creo – UV
    • Kodak Trendsetter News– cold-set, process free
  • Imposing publication in print position
  • We accept a variety of media
  • MAC/PC compatible
  • We accept art via FTP site or email
Trendsetter Newss Computer To Plate
Trendsetter News Computer To Plate
  • 4-color process
  • Multiple grades of ground wood paper and coated
  • Specializes in magazine format
  • 2 Goss Community cold-set web presses
  • The only UV web press in Louisville
Trendsetter Newss Computer To Plate
UV Press
Bindery & Finishing
  • 2 saddle stitching machines
    • Harris SP650 Saddle Stitcher and Trimmer with 10 Pockets
  • 3 knife trimming (Harris SP650)
  • Multiple inserting
  • Tipper
Trendsetter Newss Computer To Plate
Saddle Stitching Machine
Mailing Services
  • Ink jet labeling
  • Electronic mail list processing
Mailing Services
Mailing Services
Shipping and Distribution
  • USPS
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • Louisville International Airport and UPS Worldport
  • Company owned and operated trucks for regional shipping
Shipping & Distribution
Shipping & Distribution